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The Milestone ETHOS X system is therefore the result of a partnership between Milestone and this research Institute, which lead to the grant of the European patents EP 1 439 218, EP 1 618 798 and EP 1 629 725.The ETHOS X performs solvent-free microwave extraction at atmospheric pressure of fragrances, such as essential oils, in plant material.Whereas traditional processes are carried out in 3 hours or more, solvent-free microwaves hydro-diffusion plus gravity requires less than 30 minutes.A very large scientific library based on the MHG technology is now available and it includes sample preparation programs and analytical data.The excess of water is refluxed back to the extraction vessel to restore the in-situ water of the sample.

The Fragrances configuration is based on the solvent-free microwave extraction (SFME) technology for the rapid extraction of essential oils from aromatic herbs, spices and dry seeds, developed at the Laboratory of Chemistry of Natural Substances and Food Sciences at the Université de la Réunion, France.The microwave hydro-diffusion and gravity technology (MHG) is an original “upside down” microwave alembic, combining microwave heating and earth gravity at atmospheric pressure.This technology allows the flavors to diffuse outside the plant material, dropping by earth gravity out of the microwave reactor.Eventuelle spørsmål kan rettes til avdelingsdirektør Frode Lyssandtræ, e-post: [email protected], tlf. Wat zijn de aanbevelingen van de NGF voor welke handicap van welke tee speelt?

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