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The You Tube channel achieved 1 million subscribers within three months of launching.

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, where is shown to be able to do the splits in jeans whilst standing up, proving her to be very flexible. Mari puts her meme knowledge, or lack thereof, to the test as Ian shows her a mixture of famous memes and random images.

She initially believes meme to be "a name for your favorite stuffed animal" and only gets one question correct. " also revealed Mari as the winner of the audition for Smosh's next video series, which would turn out to be Smosh Pit Weekly.

(T for swearing)(Marhinki, Iancorn)Missing the chilly weather of the East Coast, Mathew Sohinki invites the Smosh Games crew to accompany him on a one week visit to his hometown. After the Game Bang punishment was over, Matt Sohinki decides to tell Mari Takahashi his true feelings about her, only problem is how will she react? Defy Media's online program offerings include The Single Life, The Confession, Fashion on the Fly, Launched in 2006, it operates six teen/tween-targeted entertainment and celebrity-focused You Tube channels, including Clevver TV, Clevver Movies, Clevver Music, Clevver News, Clevver Style and Clevver Te Ve.Clevver Media ranks in the top 10 You Tube networks, according to Com Score.While Smosh Pit Weekly was discontinued in 2015, Mari still occasionally appears on the Smosh 2nd Channel. She's in the bathroom playing a Pokemon Tournament with a Gameboy Advance SP.Since it's discontinuation in 2015, Mari and crew have revived Smosh Pit Weekly, as of August 19, 2017. Mari has an appearance in Dixon Cider as one of the background dancers, though she wears less revealing clothes than the other dancers and even performs as a ballerina for a few seconds.

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The former sites, and now exist within The Gloss to provide content on health, career, and parenting.

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