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Other people have told me it is certainly my right to end this carpool and I understand that.But what I am looking for is a way to do this politely that is not unnecessarily hurtful to her.And using your lunch hour to take her to doctor’s appointments — well, of course you want to be able to use your lunch hour to eat and relax or shop or however you feel like spending that time, not to chauffeur someone around.As always with this kind of situation, you have two basic options to extract yourself: you can come up with a cover story, or you can tell a kindly-stated version of the truth.

She sports firm, C-cup breasts, a cute, round butt, and soft, brunette hair reaching slightly past her shoulders.A confident, well educated woman with a bright future, Lisa worries more about the security of her car in this terrible neighborhood than her own safety.This is a family reassigned to Lisa's supervision due to child neglect - a 38-year-old single mother with three children.In this case, it could sound like this: * “I’m sorry about this, but I’m not going to be able to give you rides anymore after this week.I’ve realized that I function better when I have some time alone in the car to think at the start and the end of the day.” * Or the vaguer option: “I’m not going to be able to keep driving you to and from work after Monday so wanted to let you know in time for you to make other plans.” Then if pressed about why: “I’m finding it makes it hard for me to do things before or after work without planning it ahead of time.” Then there’s the lunch stuff.

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For those, it might be easier to just field those as they come up, since presumably she doesn’t have daily doctor’s appointments.

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