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A lot of these impromptu romances have been climaxed in a fashion not generally condoned. Prior to becoming a bisexual seducer of the stars, she was a little girl who thought she was a little boy. Toklas said of de Acosta, “Say what you will about Mercedes, she’s had the most important women of the twentieth century.” She had lengthy love affairs with actress Eva Le Gallienne, Alla Nazimova and Isadora Duncan.

Her most legendary relationship, though, was with Greta Garbo.

As hard as it was to find information about the actresses on this list, however, information about the sexual relationships between Black stars was even harder to nail down.Alleged relationships/lovers: Jean Acker, Natacha Rambova, Eva Le Gallienne, Mercedes De Acosta, Dolly Wilde, Bridget Bate Tichenor, Glesca Marshall, Grace Darmond, Dorothy Arzne Stage actress Alla Nazimova cointed the term “The Sewing Circle,” referring to her group of lesbian, bisexual, or bi-curious Hollywood ladies.She held “outlandish parties” at her Sunset Boulevard estate, the legendary queer hangout known as The Garden of Allah, which was converted into a hotel in 1926.they were busy — it’s hard to know for certain in most of these cases, ’cause even if one woman claimed it happened, it’s likely the other swore it didn’t.But that hasn’t stopped historians from writing books like Using those books and the internet, I made you this chart, and compiled the list beneath it.

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A gay actor named Clifton Webb, who played her husband in .

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