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LIA was very explicit about where the participants could go in their free time: “There was a map on one of the facility’s walls that listed the few areas in the city without any malls, restaurants, movie theaters, secular bookstores, or porn shops.Every part of the city was forbidden except for places with the word ‘Christ’ in it, really.”He spent most of his evenings doing LIA homework — assignments such as “trying to come up with another sinful transgression for my Moral Inventory.” Composing a Moral Inventory, a term LIA borrowed from Alcoholics Anonymous, was an exercise that aimed to suss out deep-rooted moral failures in a patient’s past that had brought him into sin; to LIA’s way of thinking, only when all of these past transgressions came to light could one begin to get fixed.There is no seat in the parlor for a homosexual, and the author’s acute awareness of being the odd man out dominates his struggle to understand himself. People spent anywhere from weeks to years going through LIA’s treatment; Conley was there for a two-week assessment to determine how long he’d have to stay.He went to sessions all day, and at night returned to his suite at the Hampton Inn, where he was staying with his mother for the duration of the program.

“I believed that I was meant to be a whole man, made for one woman, and God brought it all about.Smid advocated complete openness: Patients had to confess dreams, thoughts, and fantasies in front of the group.Smid speaks with confidence and authority about his past: Just as 20 years ago he knew that Christianity was incompatible with homosexuality, today he knows there’s no reason the two can’t go together.But as Conley moves in and out of his time at LIA, the memoir also draws a close portrait of a Southern boy’s life that renders the book a complicated act of catharsis.Where Conley comes from, family and God are the pillars upon which the town is stabilized.

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