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I don’t hate on those who hate on me but secretly just hate themselves some undercover shit. But I ain’t changing for anyone, I’m adapted to my environment, homie come and look at this.

Youngin with a little bit of fame, I’m praying it don’t mess me up, I need to tone it down. I kill everything, I kill everything, they look at me like I caught a body.

Shut the door behind you, don’t say a word, let your hair down, I’ll be back in a minute.

I’m ‘bout to show you what this whole entire world’s fucking missing.

The Greek-French composer Iannis Xenakis conjured sounds out of Bernouilli’s equations, and Brownian motion.

All this was revealed in a brilliant lecture on music and symmetry, given by Marcus du Sautoy as part of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra’s Interplay series.

You popped up at the perfect time of my whole existence.

I hope that life will treat you better, I just don’t know what you’re going through. I got biz to discuss, I got papers to sign, I got y’all to ignore. I don’t believe in anything that ain’t in front of me. I was never into wishing ‘cause you gave me intuition. I know it’s hard to imagine, your little boy is a savage and a beast. At the meeting, if you haven't seen him, he need half a reason not to bash your teeth in. I don’t argue no more, homie shut the fuck up, I don’t argue no more. Looking at me like you know what I be thinking, I’ll be looking back at you like what the fuck are you thinking? Rashing meaner than the poison ivy but the boy is gliding like the ballerinas. People had stopped looking to music for a beautiful image of the “mystical mathematics of heaven,” as Sir Thomas Browne called it. It turns out there are overlaps between musical and linguistic and mathematical ability, which have spawned all kinds of theories about how music arose in prehistory. It’s about groups and symmetries and chaos and complexity.Oliver Sachs has written about the miraculous powers of music to bring patients out of long-term catatonic states. Mathematicians are in search of patterns, and music is all about pattern-making.

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