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Certain items must be declared to the customs authorities upon arrival for inspection, even though not all of them are subject to duty and taxes: There is no limit on how much cash you can bring with you, but cash, traveler’s checks, jewelry, or precious metals amounting to more than 100,000 AED must be declared to customs at the airport by filling out the appropriate form.If you will be arriving at Abu Dhabi International Airport, you can check this map to see where the cash disclosure desks are located, or read more about what you must declare on the website of the General Directorate of Customs in Abu Dhabi.Your household goods must arrive in the UAE within six months of when you receive your residence visa, else you must pay a duty fee of 5% of the estimated value of the goods.If you ship new items to the UAE when you move there, they will also be taxed at a rate of 5% of their estimated value.Here is a list of prohibited items: The UAE has a very strict, zero-tolerance drug policy.Foreigners have been imprisoned for possessing even very small amounts of drugs.

You can bring up to a twelve months’ supply of prescription medicine with you into the country, but make sure that you have a letter from your doctor or the original prescription.

You will then need to make a deposit of 5% of the assessed value of your goods to the customs office, which will be refunded as soon as you can show them your residence visa.

If you don’t submit your residence visa within 59 days of the arrival of your household goods, the money will no longer be refunded.

When you are planning your relocation to the UAE, you have probably wondered if you will have to pay any duty on your imported household goods or if there are any prohibited items that are not allowed in the country.

Our article on customs regulations has the answers.

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