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In the highly-respected Real Plus-Minus system (which estimates a player’s true plus-minus rating and tries to eliminate the effect of teammates), Ellis made a slightly-positive difference for the Mavericks.

That still takes the cake for the biggest outcry in history over someone’s defense.Against all offensive players he faced last season, Ellis allowed scorers to shoot just 42% from the field.On average, the usual field goal percentage of the shooters he faced was 43.2% — giving Ellis a -1.2% differential when it comes to defending potential field goals.When he was sitting, their opponents shot 51.4% from the field — a 1.5% increase, which helps Ellis’ case for the overblown criticism.Ellis also gave the Mavericks a 1.3% increase in opponent turnover percentage, meaning he was helping cause more disruption.

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Or he doesn’t worry about the negative remarks that keep getting echoed? For the sake of the Pacers, a franchise that just signed Ellis for the next four years ($11 million annually), they better hope it’s the latter.

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