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Attorneys’ fees are typically taken straight off the top of any retroactive award received from VA. I know firsthand that sending one or the other to VA can seem like the same thing, but understanding the difference and using the right terminology will help VA and your designated representative provide the best information in the quickest amount of time.In my next piece, we will talk more in detail about the appeals process.

The claim submission, the military service and health care records and any other evidence associated with the claim are reviewed in order to provide you a rating determination.

Often when I speak to many of you, you will say something like, “I have had a claim pending for 10 years.” Almost always, you have an appeal pending and not a claim.

I don’t say this to undermine the frustration you feel from being in an appellate status for so long.

They cannot charge a fee during the claim process, and they provide guidance that can help identify and obtain the evidence necessary for VA to grant a claim.

Remember, there are options for receiving assistance with a claim, so look for someone who files online, provides information about the Fully Developed Claims Program and takes time to answer questions.

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