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It was certainly a bathing place for Rupert Brooke and the Cambridge neo-Pagans.

Brooke used to canoe from Cambridge to lodgings in Grantchester, which included the Old Vicarage.

The river is renamed the River Say, with Great and Little Shelford becoming Great and Little Barley, and Cambridge becoming "Castleford" (not to be confused with the real town of the same name in West Yorkshire).

River Cam is referred to as "Camus, reverend Sire" in line 103 of John Milton's pastoral elegy Lycidas.

In total, the Cam runs for around 69 kilometres (43 mi) from its furthest source (near Debden in Essex) to its confluence with the Great Ouse.

) rather than the other way around: After the city's present name developed in Middle English, the river's name was backformed to match.

This stretch also has the unusual feature of the remains of a submerged towpath: the riverside colleges did not permit barge horses on the Backs, so the beasts waded up the Cam to the mill pulling their loads behind them.

From the Mill Pool and its weir, the river can be followed upstream through Grantchester meadows to the village of Grantchester The Rhee begins just off the High Street (Ashwell Springs), at Ashwell in Hertfordshire.The Great Ouse connects the Cam to the North Sea at King's Lynn: The total distance from Cambridge to the sea is about 40 mi (64 km) and is navigable for punts, small boats, and rowing craft.The Great Ouse also connects to England's canal system via the Middle Level Navigations and the River Nene.Running north out of Ashwell, it forms the county boundary between Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire for around two kilometres, then the boundary between Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire for a further kilometre.At this point its course turns east and from here until it merges with the Granta it forms the parish boundary between a succession of villages, though until it reaches Barrington it remains at a distance of around a kilometre from any settlement of any size.

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Its northward journey passes first through Newport, where it is joined by the streams known as Wicken Water and Debden Water.

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