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A poster boy of excess, the former CEO of Tyco stole millions from his company, using the money for a lavish party, a gilded shower curtain and expensive art. Case 1: It's called the "Miracle Car Club." Starting with members of their own church and then branching out, two young men take investors for a ride to the tune of more than million. Case 3: Moon Traders: It all began as an innocent Meme-Trading Slack Chat, but quickly devolved into a dark cesspool of flagrant language and Insider Trading An attractive, sinfully dishonest Tampa mortgage broker meets a single mom looking for love.

Three Kentucky lawyers swindle clients out of a separate Class-Action Lawsuit against American Pharmaceutical (0M) to live the high life. He was once a broker who made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Manhattan trading pits.

From a secret room in a Brooklyn funeral home he runs a multi-million dollar business...

cutting up corpses and stripping the bodies for parts as a modern day body snatcher!

Some of the episodes profile two of these cases in a single episode. Two men, who in a twist of fate, end up working at Fine Arts Express, together hatch a plan to steal museum quality pieces by Picasso, Matisse, and Rothko. Expensive, painful and unnecessary shots are all part of a multi-million-dollar billing scheme.

The show has been on the air since June 21, 2007 and was renewed for its 11th season which started airing at the end of Jan 2017. Case 1: Barry Hunt—a successful con artist who left a coast-to-coast trail of deception, deceit and empty bank accounts. Case 2: He leaves no clues behind, only a trail of broken dreams and empty bank accounts. Case 2: It sounds like a nightmare—long needles repeatedly jabbed to a patient’s back. Case 1: It's a new crime wave rippling across the west; thieves are committing identity theft to fund their meth drug addictions. But the thief takes more than money, the victim's identity is stolen, too.

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