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Proper handling and storage is not optional and must be respected. Contamination can occur when microorganisms are introduced into a package through puncture, dropping on the floor, rough handling, bending, creasing, getting wet or damp, writing on the paper portion, pressure and impacts. are considered no longer fit for service and require re-processing.If pouches are roughly treated there may be no shelf-life at all. Any packages that show signs of challenge must be marked for re-processing. Storage of all sterilized items should be designed to protect items from contamination.Some items may indicate a specific date after which sterility is no longer guaranteed.This expiration date may not be an indication of actual sterility but reflect other considerations by the manufacturer.Everything depends on the likelihood of the packages becoming contaminated and maintaining a sanitary environment.Rotation of stock entails a system of adding newer sterilized items to an inventory to enable the use of the oldest first to prevent stale dating.Depending upon the nature of the product, review the appearance and quality on a regular basis.Decomposition data is available on the Safety Data Sheet which should be on file with the company.

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These are general considerations that will be modified by the unique arrangement and layout of the storage area not had and fast rules.

Sterilized products should not be stored or kept in corrugated or cardboard containers because those could potentially be contaminated and generate dust.

Containers and cabinets are recommended for items that are seldom used.

Open shelves may be used but consideration must be given to traffic, ventilation around the items, especially air flow between the wall and the items and protection from housekeeping activities, such as having a barrier on the bottom shelf for protection during floor sweeping and away from areas that would likely get wet or moist, such as under sinks.

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