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This information will also be collated and analysed by Johnson's team both for content and where it was reported.Can you tell us more about the context of the recording? Johnson's team are sifting through a large collection of examples of regional slang words and phrases turned up by the "Voices project" run by the BBC, in which the BBC invited the public to send in examples of English still spoken throughout the country.The BBC Voices project also collected hundreds of news articles about how the British speak English from swearing through to items on language schools.

The process took many years, and was prone to funding difficulties on more than one occasion.The output of the Survey was criticised by some linguists as using outdated methodology to research dialects that did not represent the speech of most people in the areas covered.In a review of The Linguistic Atlas of England John C Wells wrote, "the phonetic approach of the survey's scholars is pure nineteenth century: it takes no account of structuralist phonemics, let alone more recent developments in phonological theory." KM Petyt has highlighted the problem of using several fieldworkers in the same survey and suggested that some of the isoglosses are really "iso-fieldworkers".This book covers basic aspects of the geography and culture, but widely covers details of grammar and vocabulary. The Survey of English Dialects was undertaken between 19 under the direction of Professor Harold Orton of the English department of the University of Leeds.

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For example, the adjective wee is almost exclusively used in parts of Scotland and Ireland, and occasionally Yorkshire, whereas little is predominant elsewhere.

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