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What's Poppin nerds it's ya boi, chips ahoy Today I've found something that's pretty scummy.

The decor of his luxe-y one-bedroom apartment is the sheer opposite of the post-frat house dwellings I frequently encounter. Still, my excessive crying literally dehydrated me and I shed several pounds. We looked like one woman, the elder guiding the younger self. " My—now deceased—grandfather was one of the best men I've ever known. Though I had truly loved Dean, I realized then that my incessant flirting and dating proved that my relationship pattern was of the more, well, promiscuous variety. The most dates I've ever had in a week was five—all with different guys. As I screeched in pain, I couldn't help but think, "karma is a bitch! Even the double double date didn't, really—I just cared about not getting caught. I feel like I'm some lone love warrior roaming an endless battlefield.Even if the fling is short, I still feel a flurry of happiness when remembering our time together.In some way, I've loved every one of them—for the temporary joy and the lessons I learned from the experience.The group of friends from Perth, Scott, Kyle, Brett and Derek, celebrated wildly after smashing their own previous world record of 91 metres, which they set with a shot from the top of the Euromast tower in Rotherdam, Netherlands.'There was definitely some luck involved but really a shot like this is more likely when you can consistently put the same spin on the ball every time,' the group wrote online. I find it a bit narcissistic to have "taken :lock: :two_hearts: " in your name or bio because it kinda sounds like you think people care. Cough Coughc o u g h The woah meme might be dead, but it will live in my heart :')Still reading?

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  1. w=378" data-large-file="https://ionemadamenoire.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/shutterstock_201637025-e14653567852501.jpg? You know that you’re together because you want to be, and not because you simply don’t want to get a divorce.